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Tell me if this situation sounds familiar to you? You are out playing with your buddies and feel like you are just striking your clubs great, the driver is hot, hitting all your irons as pure as you can. just can't quite seem to put holes together, a par when you thought you were going to have a birdie, you bogie or double a hole that you really don't feel like you should have and feel like you hit the ball pretty well on. Your approach shots are coming off your irons beautifully but every time you get up to the green you are long of the pin and have a 40 foot putt or you make what feels like a perfect swing with your 8 iron on a nice par 3 but end up short of the green in a bunker. 

How about this situation, you're in the middle of the fairway after a nice drive and you check the distance from the pin "it's 210 out" you think well I'll hit my 5 wood since I hit that ABOUT 210. You don't REALLY know how far you hit your 5 wood, you remember hitting it at the range and there were a few markers out there that were maybe 200 yards and you got past it a few times. 

This is a problem, a big problem, but the good news is it's a totally fixable problem for your golf game with almost no effort. Knowing your exact distance on all your clubs can be easily worth 4-5-6 or even more strokes a round. Think about that, just having the knowledge of how far you hit your clubs could start taking you from a mid 80's golfer to a low 80's golfer. No new swing ideas, no little trick you are trying this week, not a brand new putter you think will push you over the edge. Just having a little more knowledge of your own game could drastically change your scores.

Pro TIP: This Super Simple Device Could Shave 5 Strokes Off Your Game....Overnight!!!
I'm PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb, in our academy we have all the latest technology for our students and helping them zero in the exact distance on the clubs in their bag is without question one of the quickest and easiest ways to take strokes off our students games. 

Now we have access to the top equipment available in the industry, but I talk to golfers all the time who don't have access to an academy or facility like ours. When I find out that almost all these golfers have very little idea how far they hit each club, or if they do know it's usually "well about 185yards, give or take 10" my jaw drops. Those 10 yards can be everything when approaching a green! 

I knew this was an issue that there had to be an easy answer to. Now telling them all to go find a facility or equipment that they could use to figure this out was unrealistic. But then I came across the Swing Caddie 2. Now I will admit I was skeptical when I first read and heard about what the Swing Caddie 2 could do. How could this machine at this size and price give me all this information as accurately as my $25000 industry leading systems in our academy? But boy was I wrong! As you can see in our Videos we tested the Swing Caddie 2 straight up against all my own systems and it came out proving me wrong. I was blown away and my first thought was how much this machine could help the huge numbers of golfers out there who are just on the course guessing their distances based on some markers they tried to hit on the range when they got their clubs. 
So What Is The Swing Caddie 2? Simple, It's a Launch Monitor That Anyone Can Afford and Use To Take Strokes Off Their Game! 
What makes this the product that I should buy to take strokes off my game?

-It's Simple, set it up behind you, hit a few balls, that easy! Takes Seconds!
-You can take it anywhere, it will fit in your pocket and is about the size of a cell phone.
-Instantly you will know how far you hit each club in your bag.
                - Swing Speed
                - Ball Speed
                - Smash Factor (The energy transferred from your club to the ball)
                - Accuracy
I don't think people understand just how valuable all this information is to any golfer! This is game changing for so many golfers out there. Golf once a week, this is huge, golf 5 times a week, this is HUGE!

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Included with the Swing Caddie 2 
  • The Swing Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor
  • Remote Control
  • Batteries
  • Easy Instructions that Explain The Modes and How to Use the Swing Caddie 2
Change Your Game With Practice and Stats Mode 
In Practice Mode you can choose between "Target" where you choose a distance and try to hit that distance consistently or "Approach" where the Swing Caddie 2 will randomly select a distance for you to try and hit. 
Practice Mode
You Get:
Time played
Swing speed
Total shot count
Smash factor ... the ratio of ball speed to swing speed. Shot distance (carry and carry + roll)
Target distance
Shot count
Total score - based on your success hitting the target.
In Stats Mode you will see the averages over your practice session. 
Stats Mode
You Get:
Average Shot Distance
Average Swing speed
Average Ball Speed
Average Smash factor ... the ratio of ball speed to swing speed. Shot distance (carry and carry + roll)
Averages For This Club

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Still not sure if you should try the Swing Caddie 2? Well how about a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee? That's right, buy it, take it out to the range and give it a try. Take it out on the course with you the next time you golf. We believe you will be so impressed and happy with the results that we have guaranteed it for the first 30 days. 
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